Washlet S300 (Jasmin) Fit Chart
April 2003
Name Model Washlet S300
Washlet S300
Soiree (E) CST960 Yes No
Guinevere (E) CST974 Yes No
Dorian(E) CST914 No No
Plymouth(E) CST924 Yes No
Pacifica(E) CST904 Yes No
Prominence(E) CST894 No No
Carolina(E) CST884 Yes No
Carlyle(E) CST874 Yes No
Bristol(E) CST866 Yes No
Supreme(E) CST864 Yes No
Supreme(R) CST863 No Yes
Ultimate(E) CST854 Yes No
Ultimate(R) CST853 No Yes
Ultramax(E) CST854S Yes No
Ultramax(R) CST853S No Yes
Pacifica -2 pc.(E) CST804S Yes No
Clayton (E) CST784SF Yes No
Carrolton(E) CST774S Yes No
Vespin(E) CST764S Yes No
Dartmouth(E) CST754SF Yes No
Drake(E) CST744S Yes No
Drake(ADA)(E) CST744SL Yes No
Drake(R) CST743S No Yes
Dalton(E) CST734 Yes No
Dalton(R) CST733 No Yes
Promenade(E) CST724 Yes No
Promenade(R) CST723 No Yes
Carusoe(E) CST716 Yes No
Carusoe(R) CST715 No Yes
Carusoe(ADA)(E) CST714L Yes No
Reliance(E) CST704 Yes No
Reliance(R) CST703 No Yes
Gwyneth (E) CST604 Yes No
Aquia (E) CST414, CST416 Yes No
What if my Toilet isn't a TOTO Toilet? Will the Washlet still fit?
On a standard Toilet with no curves between the seat and tank, all you need is two inches of room
past the mounting bolts.
Washlet seats
For more precise Dimensions, see the dimensions chart below.
To ensure a proper Washlet fit on your current model, you can also use a box and ruler to check size and position.
*Note: You will need to remove your current seat to check fit.
Note: Some styles of toilets may not allow the Washlet S300 (Jasmin) to be installed due to certain contours near the tank and bowl area (see figures below).  In the figure on the left side below, dimension D does not allow for enough open space to accommodate the minimum width of 9 inches.
* The blue highlighted areas indicate the size of Washlet S300 (Jasmin)
Dimensions Dimension Requirements
A  Approximately 18-1/2 inches (470 mm)
 Round - Approximately 16-1/2 inches (420 mm)
B  Minimum of 1-1/2 (38 mm) from front most face of tank to seat holes
C  Approximately 5-1/2 inches (140 mm)
D  Minimum 9 inches (210 mm) of open space from center of Washlet S300 (Jasmin) (or toilet to edge of Washlet S300 and flat bowl surface.
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