Toto MS924154F Plymouth / Willingham one piece toilet "obsolete"
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Toto MS924154F Willingham Toilet


  • 12" rough-in
  • Universal Height, ADA 
  • Traditional, low profile one piece toilet.
  • 1.6 gallon Power Gravity flush
  • Elongated front bowl with Traditional SoftClose seat.
  • Color matched trip lever
  • Gravity feed siphon jet flushing action.
  • 2-1/8" glazed trapway
  • Specs for MS924154F
  • Meets the American Disabilities Act Guidelines and ANSI A117.1 requirements where installed  so top of rim is 17"-19" from the finished floor
Toto Willingham toilet ADA
Willingham MS924154F elongated, $478.00 white
Elongated bowl, Traditional SoftClose seat.
Universal rim height, ADA approved
Power Gravity
Color matched trip lever
Wide 2-1/8" computer designed trapway
Large water spot
12" rough-in
Specs for MS924154F
Shipping Will call in Bothell WA--$0
Delivery within King County, WA--$39.99
Expert installation in King County, Wa--$179.00
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Power Gravity: A powerful and quiet flush every time. SoftClose seat:  or upgrade to
Washlet bidet seat
Quick Flush: New, wider 3" flush valve allows 2-1/4 times the amount of water to pass through in the same amount of time compared to the industry standard 2" flush valves.
  2" = 3.14" inches, 3" =7.07" inches
Cotton Colonial Beige Bone Gray Ebony

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