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If washing your hands is a basic part of bathroom hygiene for you, then intimate washing with the NAiS Personal Hygiene System is quite simply a logical addition to your daily hygiene routine. The facts are simple: cleansing with water is more comfortable, more effective and above all more hygienic than tissues. So take the next step up - because water's simply more natural.

Two models

CH631,  $569.00

CH622 with air dryer and deodorizer, $799.00

This model is no longer available.
the new bidet and Washets are here.


Hygienic Twin Nozzles
The system offers a choice of two warm water jets with hygienically separate nozzles: one for general use and one especially for feminine hygiene. Nozzle position and jet angle are designed to ensure accuracy and convenience. Nozzles retract when not in use.

Comfort and Accuracy
The general use jet is directed from a slightly back-set position, while the feminine hygiene jet is set slightly forward. Each is positioned to ensure accuracy and comfort and to make sure that used water drains directly without affecting other areas or splashing back onto the nozzle.

Oscillating Action
This means that the warm water jet, which is filled with air bubbles to give it the required volume, sways very slightly from side to side as it washes to ensure complete cleansing.

Pulsing Action
This increases the cleansing capacity of the water jet by rythmically varying its strength between high and low. Pulsing lasts as long as the pulse button is held.

Heated Seat
The seat has an optional heating function which maintains the temperature of your choice.

Comfortable Seat Design
The seat shape is the product of ergonomic research and computer-aided design, and ensures confort and relaxation.

Seat Size
Available in two sizes. Please check the dimensions of your water closet to ensure proper fit.
Model No.
Regular type: CH631S1Ws
Elongated type: CH631S2Ws

Safety Sensor
Built-in weight sensors mean the panel can only be operated when the seat is occupied. This eliminates water spillage through accidental use or children's curiosity.

Anti-Slam Lid
Tip the lid and it closes smoothly and gradually. Even if you knock it accidentally, it doesn't slam shut. The seat has the same gentle-close mechanism.

Self-Cleaning System
The nozzles are cleaned automatically before and after each use. If you wish to have them cleaned at any other time, simply press the nozzle cleaning button.

Quiet Design
You needn't worry about extra noise, as the whole system is very quiet.

Easy-To-Operate Control Panel
Each of the system's functions is controlled by an effortless membrane-type switch on the easy to reach control panel. Operating status, including water temperature, is indicated clearly on an LED display.

You don't need any tools to remove the seat--simply slide the pin and lift free. This makes the unit especially easy to clean, with no hard-to-reach nooks or crevices.

Simple Installation
The unit draws fresh water from the bathroom supply via a branching valve. Use of a flexi-pipe makes for simple installation and removal.

Power Source Ac 120V, 60Hz
Power Consumption 560W
Cord Length 4 ft. (1.2m)
Warm Water Flow Rate 0.159-0.264 gallons/min
Temperature Room temp. - 108°F (42°C)
Heater 500W
Safety Features 1.Thermal fuse
2.Float switch
3.Thermal switch
Heated Seat Temperature Room temp - 106° (41°C)
Heater 50 - 53W
Safety Features Thermal fuse
Water Pressure 7 psi (49 kPa) - 107 psi (735 kPa)
Seat Removable, with soft landing action
Other Safety Features 1.Power fuse, 120V, 10A
2.Seat switch (built-in)
Dimensions Regular Type 191/2"(W) x 71/4"(H)x 203/32"(L)
[495(W) x 184(H) x 510(L) mm]
Elongated Type 191/2"(W) x 71/4"(H) x 211/16"(L)
[495(W) x 184(H) x 535(L)]
Weight Regular Type 12.6 lbs. (5.7 kg)
Elongated Type 13.0 lbs. (5,9 kg)
Ambient Temp. Allowance 41°F (5°C) - 104°F (40°C)

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