CimarronTM Comfort Height toilet

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CimarronTM Comfort Height toilet

  • Gravity, uses 3-1/4" flush valve.
  • Powerful flush with siphon jet flushing action.
  • 12" rough-in
  • Commercial Grade Flushing.
  • Larger than 2" trapway
  • Moves 500 grams
  • 29-3/8" length for elongated bowls
  • 28-1/8" length for round bowls.  

A good flushing toilet that also looks good.  Has the new 3-1/4" flush valve. Could use a little more bowl wash.    
Elongated and round versions.  
Easy to assembly with common tools. 

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K.3496 elongated, $217

or  regular bowl, $189


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