Cadet EL Toilet, 2898.012
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Consumer Toilet report

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  1. Two Inch Passageway The E-Z Flow passageway eliminates clogs while a   front jet primes it for a powerful, complete flush.
  2. Larger Water Surface 11"x9" water surface
  3. Sanitary Dam Sanitary dam blocks liquid from collecting under the tank at the back of the bowl.
  4. Smart Valve 2000 a premium fill valve, positive shut-off and quiet refill. Smart valve info

*Vitreous china
*1.6 GPF
*Elongated siphon action jetted bowl
*Fully glazed 2" trapway
*American Standard Smart Valve 2000 fill vlave for quiet refill
*Large 11" x 9" water surface area
*Close coupled tank with raised lip detail on tank cover
*Color matched trip lever
*Speed connect tank/bowl coupling system
*Sanitary bar on bowl
*Two color matched bolt caps
*100% factory-flush tested

QuickShip Colors:
White Bone Fawn Beige Silver
Shell Black Light Mink Candlelyght
Rhapsody Blue Loganberry Rain Forest Warm White
Linen Daydream Spring
Other Available Colors:
  Product Specifics:

Main Fixture 2898.012   305mm (12") rough toilet complete,
*less seat
(available as Quick Ship)List Price: $203-283, based on color

Add. Fixture/Component Parts 047242-XXX0A   Trip Lever (specify color)
List Price: $0-10.39, based on color
3459.016   Elongated bowl only
*with bolt caps
(available as Quick Ship)List Price: $134-186, based on color
4112.016   Tank complete with coupling
*components and tank trim
(available as Quick Ship)List Price: $69-97, based on color
735083-400   Tank Cover
*(specify color)List Price: $37-51, based on color

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