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photo by Manon Ress
Here is the promotional lead-in for my show
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Geoffrey Castle at Big Daddy's Video

OFUmusic at the Triple Door video

Roger Fisher at the Triple Door video

Jenna Red at the Merchant Cafe video

OFUmusic Columbia City video

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Afrodisiacs at Big Daddy's in Woodinville

The Pop Tarts at the Twisted Cork



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Out From Underneath

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NO TITLE GRAPHICS PLEASE (whenever possible)
Email us for contact and further info to make your submission.
Submissions in mini-dv
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KISS 106.1 on July 11th, OFU playing Happy and Over


Webcast CD
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Webcast Movie Soundtrack

1- Webcast
2- Excuses
3- Over
4- Waste
5- With you
6- Finished
7- Happy
8- Down the road
9- I feel
10- Addicted
11- Walking through the park (Reprise)
12- (hidden track)
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