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David Lewis and Jenna Smith

David Lewis of Aquacraft and Jenna Smith of Seattle Public Utilities meet with a homeowner to discuss the program.  The study, conducted from 9/99 - 12/2000, studies the impacts of full conservation retrofits on single-family water use. Funded by the U.S. EPA and Seattle Public Utilities, the study retrofitted approximately 35 single-family homes in Seattle and measures water use before and after the retrofits. Products included in the retrofit include ULF toilets, LF showerheads, LF faucets, and horizontal axis clothes washers.

During David and Jenna's visit, a small data logger was attached to the water meter, outside the home. The logger remained in place for two weeks. It's purpose, to provide detailed information on how the family currently uses water in the home. The data logger does not affect the water supply or water bill in any way. Some homes also had a second water meter installed on their hot water line so that hot water use could be measured as well.

David Lewis installing the data logger

The data loggers were left in place for two weeks and then retrieved by the research team. The data obtained during the initial visit will be used as the primary basis for comparing water use before and after the replacement with new fixtures

With a meter at the street, and in some cases, a meter on the hot water heater, the program was ready to begin the data collection.  The study was now ready for the new water saving fixtures.  

water meter with data logger

Toto CST744S

The toilets installed were high quality fixtures from Caroma and Toto. Clothes washers, from Frigidaire, Maytag and Whirlpool.  The Caroma model allowed flushing with a choice of .8 or 1.6 gallons.  The Toto's were the popular Drake model.  

For additional information please contact Aquacraft at 303-786-9691. For a copy of report for the Residential End Uses of Water Study, please contact AWWARF at 303-347-6103.

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