Jamie Love
Out From Underneath
  Rock Band from Seattle
  Jamie Love, Mike Wuellner
Jason Shavey, Lui Williams
The name says it all: OFU has pretty much flown out from underneath Seattle's underground music scene and into the CD players of rock-lovers citywide. Sure, they have already been compared as a mix between 311, Incubus and Sublime, but there is a certain freshness about their raw approach to rock that puts them in a local league all their own. Jamie Love's deep, sometimes raspy vocals wrap around the band's complex accompaniment with emotionally explosive intensity -- so prepare not only for a rockin' experience, but also a passionate one.

Playing a special Halloween performance at the Showbox, Out From Underneath stages the perfect soundtrack to the night's wild, if not haunting club craziness. Local rock faves Peepshow, Ellen Says No and DC & the Washingtons pump the crowd before OFU takes the stage, with costume contests awarding the most outrageous ensembles. So grab your biggest witch hat and sharpest vampire fangs -- you might find yourself spontaneously pulled on stage with the future of Seattle rock. -- Ryan Simantel
Music: Rock
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 "Out From Underneath"  

Dig CD
Dig CD review 
Out From Underneath "Dig"
1- Follow
2- Easychair
3- How low
4- Papers
5- Hey
6- Sometimes
7- Late in the day
8- Later in the day
9- Happy
10- WTP "Walking through the park"
11- Speak to me
12- Down the road
13- Happy acoustic
Transistion CD
Transistions CD review 
Recorded at Synergy Studios
Out From Underneath "Transistions"
1-Tempted by the Gun
2-24 Days
3-I feel
4-It Ain't Right
6-Pick Up Yourself
8-Through My Eyes
9-Much More
Webcast the movie soundtrack CD
Webcast Movie Soundtrack 
Webcast Movie Soundtrack

1- Webcast
2- Excuses
3- Over
4- Waste
5- With you
6- Finished
7- Happy
8- Down the road
9- I feel
10- Addicted
11- Walking through the park (Reprise)
12- (hidden track)

Vanessa Minnillo of MTV and Lui Williams, drummer for Out From Underneath after the MVA's in Miami.  

Out From Underneath be featured on the movie "Webcast" by David Delay,  

Vanessa Minnillo

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