Honeywell Braukmann D05 Pressure Reducing Valve

The Honeywell Braukmann D05 Pressure Regulating Valve maintains a constant outlet pressure over a wide range of inlet supply pressures. It is suited for new residentiial and light commercial construction, drip irrigation, and applications requiring highy sensitive and accurate regulation.

The non corroding unitized cartridge insert contains all the working parts and is easily replaceable.

The D05 is used for water or air regulation. It is not suitable for steam.

Inlet Pressure: 400 psi maximum.

Outlet Pressure: Factory set at 60 psi.

Gauge tap: 1/4" NPT (available on all models).

D05 water pressure reducing valve exploded view

Problem Solution
Whistling noise. Slightly increase or decrease the outlet pressure until the noise disappears.
Will not hold pressure. Clean the filter cartridge.

Open the gauge tap and blow out any dirt. (D05G only)

Chatters. Replace the screen and O-rings.

Replace the cartridge.

Freezes up. Replace bonnet or cartridge if damaged.

To avoid future freeze-up:
   -Temporarily (slightly) open a downstream faucet if the D05 is going to be exposed to temperatures below 32F (0C). The slight water flow will eliminate freeze-up.
   -Move the D05 to a location with an ambient temperature above 32 degrees.

Pressure gauge measures a lower pressure under flow conditions than was originally set during static conditions. D05 is functioning properly, No action is necessary. The pressure decrease is characteristic of all direct acting pressure regulating valves and is referred to as fall-off.

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