How to pour a lead joint by Mark Weilhammer

A broken pipe in the hub fitting. Here is one way to replace bad pipe in an old fitting. 

master plumber mark

Heating the lead for removal. I'm using a Turbo Torch for this. 
Removing the pipe, lead and oakum. Gloves would be nice. 
New cast iron pipe supported by plumbers strap.
Insert the Oakum in the joint. 
The oakum is NOT to keep the lead from leaking out, it is what SEALS the joint. The lead then seals the oakum.
The the running rope is placed around the pipe to contain the poured lead, leaving a gap at the top for the lead to be poured into.
A wad of oakum seals the funnel.


You could also use the rubber snap around running rope.

A coating of plumbers putty helps to contain the lead.
Not all plumbers use the putty.  
Melt lead for pouring.
Pouring the lead.
Remove the rope, remove the excess lead,  and you are ready to caulk the joint. Caulk the joint with both the inner and outer irons
Here I am caulking the joint. This needs to be all the way around the joint.


I often did "art work" in the wider joints by creating a herringbone design with the irons. There were left and right offset irons to work behind the pipe in tight spaces, extra short "pony" irons for close spaces, upside down irons, and probably a few more that I have forgotten. hj

I have a collection of about 25 irons in various configurations including a bunch that I either made or modified myself. It is rapidly becoming a very lost art, but I still teach it to 2nd year students.


And the final connection to the house plumbing.
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If the joint is facing down.