Zoeller Aquanot II Vs. Zoeller Homeguard

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  1. Cybermonkey

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    Mar 16, 2008
    I am looking into a backup for my primary sump pump. I am on the fence on either purchasing the aquanot II Battery backup system or the Homeguard venturi system. I live on a high water table. My sump pump runs every few minutes during flood season. November through April here in Washington.

    My thoughts are during a prolonged power outage (12-24 hrs) the battery system will only last three to four hours. Kind of like my trolling motor on my boat. Where the venturi system keeps on going. But, will the venturi system be able to keep up.....

    Your thoughts would be appreciated
  2. Redwood

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    Dec 15, 2007
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    Well I'm not a fan of using water to pump water
    I believe its using 2 gallons to pump one.
    Makes a lot more water to get rid of...
    Why not go with a battery back up and then a generator for extended outages... Its got side benefits too like cold beer and heat.

    The water powered back ups also require the use of a backflow preventer... Not a cheap item...

    One all important question...
    Where do you get your water? Municipal supply or, a well?
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  4. Master Plumber Mark

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    Feb 6, 2005
    Sensitivity trainer.. and plumber of mens souls
    indianapolis indiana - land of the free, home of
    Zoeller Aquanot II is the best

    do the Zoeller Aquanot II with the non
    maintaince jel battery and you are good for about
    4 years........

    I wont trust any venturi fitting sitting down
    in the water just limeing up waiting to fail

    if you install the Zoeller on a separate pvc line going out the side
    of the house you have covered just about every angle.......

    read my info ,,,,,
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  5. Ian Gills

    Ian Gills Senior Robin Hood Guy

    Jul 24, 2007
    Robber, with some DIY on the side.
    Go with the batteries but just link more together or get a bigger battery.

    Alternatively, do what I would do if my battery ever got too low (which it has not). If it ever got too low, I'd swop the battery around with the one in the car. I would even consider charging the duff one with the car.

    Conveniently, my marine battery (Optima Blue) that drives my battery backup sump pump is the same size as the one in my car (Optima Red).

    Which brings me on to my question of the day?

    Guess what happens if I ever find my car battery flat?

    You've guessed it...I raid the back-up sump pump!
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  6. GrumpyPlumber

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    Jun 18, 2007
    Plumber, self employed
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    I've gotten requests for the water powered Zoeller, I shoot them down and convince customers to go with the 507 or 510.

    The home guard unit absolutely MUST have backflow prevention, this entails a substantial increase in price to have your plumber install if the water lines aren't nearby.

    The battery will allow the pump to run at almost 1300 GPH @ 10' head for almost 2-1/2 hours continuously.

    The pump wouldn't likely run constantly, the 2-1/2 hour time would be broken up into cycles.
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