zero waste reverse osmosis with recirculation system

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Las Vegas NV
It has been a while since posting here! We have recently bought a house in Las Vegas and are planning on adding a reverse osmosis system to the kitchen sink. It also happens to be the farthest sink from the water heater and takes a good while to get hot water. Existing pluming system is copper buried under slab, 40 year old house and 40 gallon gas water heater.

Long term plan is to move the water heater, add a softener and filter system, and replace the entire water system with pex in the attic. For now I am planning on just adding a zero waste reverse osmosis system and hot water re-circulation system to the kitchen sink. Since the zero waste system pumps the water back into the hot water line I could use the loop return from the circulation system.

The down side I see is a potential for cross contamination of hot and cold or not enough water capacity in the pipes to make up for the water used in the reverse osmosis system.

I am open to adding more lines from the water heater to the kitchen sink. Single story and attic access is easy. Freezing is not a problem here, hot attic is. While searching I also saw mention of a potential for bacteria contamination in the RO system and an electric booster pump or a permeate pump to reduce RO waste water was better.


Thank you.
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