Yet another Ikea sink install issue

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    As the title states I'm attempting to install an Ikea "Odensvik" sink and I'm having a lot of the usual clearance problems. I think my main issue is that I have a 2" waste line which means that I have to go from the Ikea pipe diameter to 1.5" fittings and then use an adapter to a 2" fitting. Once I've stacked all of that together with the trap adapter, I'm either too far out from the wall, therefore interfering with the drawer closing or I have something that is too long horizontally along the wall to mate up with the trap. Using a street elbow helps but I'm still off by a good inch. If the telescoping portion of the Ikea drain hardware were longer I could get the trap further away from the waste line and probably make it work. One potential alternative would be to cut the vertical part of the Ikea piece towards the top and use a couple of 45's to jog the pipe out horizontally another few inches to provide clearance for the various adapters. Anything obvious that I'm missing that I could try?

    In the first photo I'm close to making things work horizontally but I'm too far from the wall. In the second photo I'm close enough to the wall but I have too much stack up horizontally. IMG_20180109_203052.jpg IMG_20180109_203019.jpg
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    That p-trap can install looking straight out and still clear the drawers.

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  4. hj

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    1. It looks like 1 1/2" pipe not 2", unless the IKEA drain is 1 1/2" tubular,. Cut the pipe off and put a trap adapter on it. Then use a slip joint 90, such as used on a sink waste with a 1 1/2" x 1/4" slip joint washer to seal the trap.
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