Wiring Bathroom/GFCI Circuit

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    I am a journeyman plumber by trade and we specialize in Complete bathroom remodels, including framing, flooring, tiling, sheetrocking, heating, and of course the plumbing. Generally we do NOT do electrical with the exception of moving a switch or adding an outlet (Just did one to install a TOTO Washlet toilet seat) and never go into the panel (other than to turn off a breaker). I am in the planning stages of doing a new basement bathroom for my 1st born daughter & her husband, and as it is an out of town, weekend only type thing I will be doing the new electrical circuit/branch for this project. Now that the explanation is over, here is my question(s):
    When I come from the panel (Cutler Hammer) to bathroom, My idea is to start with a GFI outlet (Into Line Side) and continue on (From Load side) with this to another outlet and then to 2 switches (1 for light & 1 for Fart fan). Is this the proper way to do it, or should only the outlets be protected and run seperate feed line to the switches? Or use GFI Breaker for entire circuit?
    I've been in MY panel before and installed numerous GFI's in the past between my home, cabin, garage, and shop but just want to do it right for my baby girl! (Who will turn 25 shortly! By the way, where is my first born grandchild?)
    Thanking all the Sparkies in advance for any and all information.
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    Either way is fine. There is no requirement for the lighting and fan to be GFI protected. The fan would require GFI protection if it were over the footprint of the tub or shower. I would use the GFI receptacle, less cost and easier to reset should it trip and less work to do in the panel too.

    You should run a #12 ga, 20 amp circuit for this room. The lighting and fan can share the circuit with the receptacle if the circuit serves only that bathroom. The receptacle needs to be within 3' of the basin edge.
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