Why would NIBCO/CPI Durapex PEX split (lengthwise) and leak?

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    Extremely similar experience here -- with some differences. I know this is an old thread, but thought I'd add my two cents. My symptoms are identical to the OP -- pinhole leak within a few inches of the copper to PEX transition on the hot water side of the water heater. What's different is the location -- I'm located in Southern California; my leak was inside a wall; and it wasn't the red PEX, but rather the white PEX. It's cold expansion tubing, so no metal rings or clamps to fail. Like the OP, my tubing has developed lengthwise cracks that are worse nearest the water heater. My plumber had to cut it back quite a bit to even be able to expand the tubing without it cracking and splitting during the expansion process. None of the exposed tubing had any brand markings on it, but I'll be meeting with my the owner of the plumbing company that came to do the repair this afternoon to discuss options. I think I'll be replacing the roughly 20' piece between the water heater and the first manifold where it splits off to the various fixtures and such.

    I was hoping to get some info from the builder, but that was a dead end -- the builder (US Homes) was bought by Lennar just prior to my home being built (2001), but a call to Lennar confirmed that they have no records dating back that far (I was just hoping to get info on the plumbing contractor or the brand of PEX used). Anyway, here's to the continuing saga...
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    I get to go out and give this guy an estimate to re-pipe his 4 bathroom home that has this brand of pex
    throughout the place........ it too is splitting lengthwise down the pipes.... the brand is called ki-tech
    with some sort of allinimum core within it so it is nearly impossible to adapt to the stuff ......

    There is presently a class action lawsuit on this junk and i will take some better
    pictures of it when I get to see the crime scene..... notice the bulge in the one fitting.

    gonna tell him 10 to 15 k...

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    Is there any possibility of using the existing pipe to pull a new pipe through (at least) some parts of the structure?
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    Could it be that this PEX was not PEX A, and thus not suitable for expansion connections? :eek: I would expect PEX A to be well marked.
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    Has anyone had experience with Rehau pex piping on the hot water side splitting longitudinally also?

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