Whirlpool Heat Traps, leave in place or remove?

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    Jan 24, 2013
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    I have purchased a Whirlpool 50 gal electric water heater to replace a unit which has been in service since 1989. The inlet and outlet nipples are equipped with heat traps which are recessed about 5" into blue plastic liners or tubes inside a metal nipple with threads. I have read blogs that mention these heat traps as culprits in reducing water pressure to the faucet. I don't imagine the old heater had any heat traps so wondering whether I need to be concerned with the heat traps in this new heater changing water pressure? Is it possible to just remove the rubber flaps or does the entire nipple (dielectric) have to be unscrewed? What is the best method to extract the flap valves? If the consensus is that they should be left in place I will install the heater as is. I will be using gator bite connectors to connect 3/4" copper pipe from the old heater installation to the threaded nipples to avoid any soldering/heat. I should have mentioned that I am on well water. Thanks for any comments and or advice.
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