Which brand of sillcock?

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    Hey all, after years of reading through, I finally decided to sign up and start with a simple question. I have to replace my 3rd sillcock. While searching through the options I am puzzling over brands: Woodford ($$$, is it worth it?) Sharkbite, American, Legend, etc. Standard anti-siphon, freeze proof , 1/2-in MPT, maybe could fit a 12" though 14" or 16" would be better. I have had failures due to mediocre quality (and rough neighbors), and am tired of it. Can't say definitely what brand is in there now -might be American- as I whipped the handle into the woods in frustration. I am an equal opportunity employer of spendy and salvage- my combo squares are all Staretts, my woodshed is built of pallets and sawmill discard. Any opinions ? and thanks!
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    Proper installation is critical. Wood ford has some interesting models that might be useful in Maine to include the ability to get hot water. The shaft needs the proper slope to drain properly.
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