Where to start with decommissioned well?

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  1. Michael A DeMarco

    Michael A DeMarco New Member

    Nov 8, 2018
    Hello all, great forum you have here. I have been reading through all the posts in the to gain some beginners knowledge as to what I have on my property.

    We bought an old farm, and built a house on it. I immediately noticed and realized the value of a 6" well casing sticking out of the ground, and built my house without damaging or disturbing it. I have almost run it over a few times in the meantime, but I am finally ready to start doing something with it.

    The well was drilled in 1979, I attached the well log as it could interest some. The well is at 160' deep, and states 6 gpm.

    My goals are to get this thing up and running, to use as my primary irrigation source for around 2 acres of landscaping: an acre of Kentucky bluegrass sod, planter strips with trees, and 1.5 acres of pasture grass, 12-16 zones(?)

    I would ultimately like to remove the old well pump, electrical wire, and cable running down to it, and replace it all so I have years of reliability ahead of me.

    A primary question to begin, my biggest concern is the well runs water out the top cap consistently. It is a trickle, but it is running. Where I live there are springs scattered around, I have one on my property, 200' from the well. It worries me that if I pull the cap to start pulling up the pump I could open up a larger stream of water, near my houses foundation that I can not stop easily or at all.

    Reading around on the forum, most seem to indicate there water level is some feet above and below the well pump, not flowing from 160' down and up out of the cap. The springs should be at a shallower depth, and how would they be getting into the well pipe anyways at the lowest runoff time of the year, the fall?

    Well, thanks for any advice, want to start out on the right foot!!

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  2. Reach4

    Reach4 Well-Known Member

    Sep 25, 2013
    Step one would be to not let that pipe fall through the well seal and down the well.

    I am not sure how to best do that. Is that black poly pipe sticking up? What ID?

    Be careful until something is keeping that pipe from falling, other than friction from the well seal.
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  4. Boycedrilling

    Boycedrilling In the Trades

    Sep 30, 2013
    Royal City, WA
    You have what is known as a flowing artesian well. You well log states that the well will flow 6 gpm if uncapped. If the casing were extended to 3 1/2 ft above ground level, the flow would stop. Or at least these were the conditions in 1979. They may or may not still be the same,

    You are sitting at the base of the wasatch front. Your well intercepts a water bearing zone that gets its recharge from the mountainside to your east. Same as the springs around you.

    I have encountered artesian wells with as much as 20 psi at the top of the casing. I have also seen wells that flowed over 300 gpm.
  5. Michael A DeMarco

    Michael A DeMarco New Member

    Nov 8, 2018
    Ahhh, Artesian pressure above ground to 3'6. Wondered what that meant, thank you.

    That black pipe has been sticking out for a decade, I assume it goes all the way down to the well pump and is held by the cap seal and it is essentially standing vertically up the well casing. I lightly tugged on it, I think the friction between the cap seal and the pipe is holding it pretty firm.

    Should I assume the well pump is down at 160'?

    How do I pull the cap to pull the pump, without a 6 gpm "geyser" and then re-cap the casing to hold the water down while I determine my course of action? Maybe pull it in January?

    Does the 6" well pipe go down the full 160'? Is the artesian flow coming from that full 160' depth?

    If this well still flows those specs, could it irrigate what I am asking of it?
  6. valveman

    valveman Cary Austin Staff Member

    Mar 15, 2006
    Pump Controls Technician
    Lubbock, Texas
    Yeah put a couple of hose clamps on that poly pipe above the well seal. The friction of the well seal is all that is holding the pipe, and it could slip right through and drop the pump in the well. 6 GPM will do a lot of irrigation. You can either set your zones for 6 GPM and run them for long periods of time, or pump to a cistern and use a booster pump to increase the zones sizes and decrease the time to get across. 6 GPM is not a geyser. With a pipe open or a plug out of the well seal you can easily set a well seal in place, then plug the hole and/or close the valve to stop the flow out of the well.

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