What type of gas pipe?

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    I work at a church in Wellington, Fl (Palm Beach County and very sandy soil) and I needed to install (bury) a gas pipe from the building to an outdoor patio area (about 40 feet). I do have someone who installs commercial kitchen equipment everyday and he'll bring the 1" pipe through a cement block wall and make the connection with shut offs, etc. My question is what type of pipe should I use, black pipe, galvanized, or something new? There is not that much natural gas in S. Florida, therefore the hardware stores, etc. usually do not have black pipe and will usually have galvanized. The gas will only be turned on during out door events and that is just a few times a year. It will be off, for safety, most of the time.
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    The "safest" pipe is polyehtylene, but few "reputable" dealers will sell it to anyone who is NOT cerified to install it. There is a "green" or "yellow" expoxy coated pipe which is allowed underground, but to me it is no better than painted pipe and WILL deteriorate if the coating is damaged. If you were to use this pipe, I would either completely encase it with "pipe wrap" protective tape or a plastic sheath to isolate it from the surrounding earth. Galvanized pipe wrapped with the tape covering is better, but not an "approved" installation.
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