What size sump basin & pump.

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    I've had (2) contractors recommendations that are far apart. One recommends an (8) gal basin with a 1/3 HP pump. The other contractor recommends a (35) gal basin with a 1/2 HP pump.
    The sump will be located next to the outer wall & have about 10ft of 2" piping total & (4) elbows (90 deg). I get flooded maybe 2X/year and only if I get more than 2 1/2" of rain. I don't know the flooding rate in my basement but, I believe it is less than (5) gal/min. Which contractor is more correct ? I don't want to "overkill" with the solution.
    Also what would be a fair quote range for the complete job for a Chicago suburb ?
  2. Ian Gills

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    An important consideration is whether you will have room in the pit for a backup pump. My pit is on the small side and my backup pump fits very snug. With a bit more room, I would have more back up options.

    My gut feeling is the small pit is too small and the large pit too big, but let's see what others say.

    10 feet of piping hardly seems the trouble.
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    You have that big stick so we agree with you :D
  5. Gary Slusser

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    Having a pit that is too small is much worse than one that is larger than needed.

    I'd go the larger pit and smaller pump, which if needed the pump can easily be replaced with a larger one.

    As to price, price varies greatly from area to area and depends on if you hire a plumber or a handyman. If you really want to save money, buy online and install it yourself.
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