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  1. Fxsrider

    Fxsrider New Member

    Mansfield Ohio
    I bought this bank repo and it has some strange plumbing. I know I need to cut this out and do the standpipe and vent. The line coming in from the top goes to the kitchen sink, it has a single basin and a dishwasher. What is the purpose of the 4 inch pipe section? Is that in case all three were draining at the same time? Dishwasher, sink, and washer? I am not sure where to bring the washer drain in. I cut out the cracked sewer pipe and have that finished. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated. Thank You. Maple drains.JPG
  2. plumber69

    plumber69 In the Trades

    Jun 20, 2014
    Prince Rupert, British Columbia
    4 " pipe is useless, Its probably all they had
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  4. WorthFlorida

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    Oct 28, 2009
    Orlando, Florida
    Since there is PVC and ABS mixed in and this un-godly contraption, I'd be concerned at the kitchen sink if there is vented, either to the roof or an AAV. What else could be hacked in the house?

    What might the 2" (?) ABS pipe going up from the 45 degree wye be? It could have been an original connection for the sink drain or is it a vent?

    There is an Oatey cement for when joining ABS and PVC pipe together. When reworking it, the kitchen sink drain should be increased to 2" if it is not. Can't tell from the picture.

    I would from the main cast iron stack cut out the 2" pipe and adapter and run a section of 3" pipe with two wye's, one for the sink and another for the washing machine. You might want continue it to add a utility sink but the height looks too high for one. Besure to cap the 3" pipe with a clean out and work in the venting. [​IMG]

    If you plan to flip this house, signed off plumbing permit(s) would sure eliminate any questionable work on a house inspection.

  5. Fxsrider

    Fxsrider New Member

    Mansfield Ohio
    That section of 4" really puzzled me.
    I find no vent for the kitchen sink. I will replace that with 2" and get it vented.

    The 2" coming out of the wye. My uneducated guess is from the second floor tub and sink. The home has the bare minimum as far as plumbing goes. Toilet, tub, and sink on second floor. Kitchen sink and dishwasher on first floor. One outside spigot. Laundry. Built in 1927. Got it cheap.

    I am planning to keep it as a rental.

    I have photoshop. I still can't draw very good. Is this the general idea? Add a three inch pipe to collect the sink/dishwasher in one wye, a second wye downstream/below for the standpipe. I know there are thick books of codes. Do you think venting the top of the 3 inch locally in the basement would be an issue? it is two stories with an attic.

    Maple house plumbing sketch.JPG
  6. Fxsrider

    Fxsrider New Member

    Mansfield Ohio
    I couldn't think of a reason they would do that, except they had some on hand.

    Thanks for taking a look.
  7. Reach4

    Reach4 Well-Known Member

    Sep 25, 2013
    I expected it was put there to add some storage capacity for stuff waiting to get thru the trap. This could have been after observing the kitchen sink getting water coming up when the washer emptied.

    It's a bad install design. It does not come close to meeting codes for more than one reason. Some include
    1. two traps in series
    2. pump from wm pressurizing the sewage pipes
    3. no vent for the wm, tho your sketch would solve that.
    4. The upper left of your photo has a non-shield rubber coupler. That should be shielded (metal band around the rubber).
    Your new design

    1. should have a p-trap at the kitchen sink. There may be one already, since your photo and diagram don't show that area.
    2. should have the kitchen waste join the waste pipe after the vents.
    3. should keep the pipe after the kitchen p-trap horizontal (1 inch/ft drop) until the vent. Instead of your new wye, you need a sanitary tee.
    Maybe you could bring the kitchen waste into about where your rubber coupler is. What is that line that joins in right below the rubber coupler? I am not a plumber.
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  8. Tuttles Revenge

    Tuttles Revenge In the Trades

    Oct 15, 2014
    That saddle tap tho!

    Maple house plumbing sketch.JPG
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