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Portland, OR
Hello, Could someone help with a wet vent question.

Question: What should the fitting be at the horizontal vent as it transitions down? (See attached image diagram, noted in red)

1. House is in Portland, OR
2. Horizontal wet vent serves all fixtures in one single bathroom except the toilet. Fixtures served: shower and freestanding tub - wet vented via the double vanity lavatory.
3. The goal is to avoid a cleanout
4. Due to the layout, I can only more pipes ~12" or so
5. Challenge is that the freestanding tub is vented via the horiz. wet vent through this fitting
6. Feel free to let me know if anything else looks wrong or not efficient!

Thank you!


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Your 2" horizontal to horizontal drain changes of direction need to be LT90s, not 1/4 bends.

I'm not super familiar with the cleanout rules (doesn't the UPC exempt all the upper story DWV from requiring cleanouts?). But as drawn, I think the only fitting you could reasonably use would be a double san-tee with a plug in the top entry.

For a more conventional layout, you could move the 2" horizontal branch and horizontal LT90 a bit towards the shower, and reroute the bathtub drain around the other two sides of the rectangle (of which the stack and the tub are the opposing corners). That would let the tub join the shower with a 2" combo (tub into the straight inlet, shower into the side inlet), which can then hit a quarter bend to go into your stack.

Cheers, Wayne
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