Well water is reddish brown and has sediment.

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  1. jc419

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    Mar 25, 2011
    Lake Anna, VA
    We have a deep well (@ 200') and the well pipe is about an 6" PVC pipe. About a year or so ago, we started to notice a light brown-colored sediment in the toilets. We have an in-line filter so I started changing the filters more frequently which seemed to control the discoloration. Oh yes, we live at Lake Anna, VA and have a waterfront lot. I mention this because I thought perhaps the runoff from rains might be adding to the problem. We also have a lot of red clay. Now I'm changing the filter every month. My nephew was here so we talked about it. We took off the well cap and he lifted the pipe just slightly and we decided not to start the project as it was getting late. Just that little movement of the pipe inside is what caused the very reddish brown sediment. We did put a gal. of clorox down Just yesterday I noticed the toilet water was brown. It actually looked like someone forgot to flush. I changed the filter as it was almost due anyway and it seemed a little better for awhile but again today it is still very brownish and I don't want to use any of the water, even for coffee or cooking. I'm wondering what I should do. Do I call a plumber or get a zero reverse osmosis? Suggestions are very welcome.
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  2. Gary Slusser

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    Aug 31, 2004
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    You probably have an iron problem causing rusty water. Get a water test for iron, hardness and pH at least.

    Bleach is an oxidizer and converts ferrous iron (soluble, clear water iron) into ferric iron, rust particles which causes rusty water. Air is also an oxidizer and does the same thing to ferrous iron in the water in the well. Sediment filters do not remove ferrous iron.
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  4. Ethbarry

    Ethbarry Newbie and Home maker

    Nov 2, 2012
    If this is not the correct way to post, please let me know. I'm new here.
    I would like to post about my well water being orange and having sediment too. My well installer wants to charge me thousands for some kind of filter.

    We live out in the country and have a well and a underground holding tank. I asked for a fiberglass tank but they gave me a metal tank and did not want to take it back unless I paid a 25% restocking fee. So now I'm stuck with that thing.

    My experiences with this companu have led me to distrust them very much and I went searching on the internet.

    I ran into a company called ***********.com. I have requested their water testing kit for 135$ and it is being sent to me.

    They say that I might need the new terminox and a chlorine injector.

    What do you know/think of the company and their equipment? They do have a A+ BBB rating.

    Also: Very important for us: With all kinds of new equipment: is it better to mobe our holding tank out of the ground to the garage so it's easier to ad all the new equipment there or should we keep everything in the ground, including the new equipment?

    Also: Who should we ask to install everything? A plumber/electrician or a Well company? Over here, the well companies are not that trust worthy from what I understand.

    And before I get into a lot of work and expenses: would first shocking the system be better and if so, who should I ask to do that?

    And no, dear hubby will not do that because he has never been into any kind of DIY. I might try some things myself if it's not too difficult.

    Thanks for your time everyone. Ellen.
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  5. craigpump

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    Apr 12, 2012
    Self employed water system tech
    @ Jec419, sounds like manganese to me. Get a chemical analysis done on the water to find out what it is. I prefer using a water testing lab because they aren't in the business of selling water treatment equipment and service.
  6. VAWellDriller

    VAWellDriller Member

    Sep 8, 2012
    Mud rotary well driller, pump installer
    Richmond, VA
    Manganese would be black or dark....it's either an iron problem or leaking surface water due to poor grouting. I see alot of of both problems in the area. If it is noticably worse after rain, it's probably not grouted correctly, a video can verify this, and a properly installed packer and liner can correct this. If it is iron, you'll need to look at better treatment options, and may need to replace the iron fouled pumping equipment. I service wells near Fredericksburg that are so bad, pumps only last a year or so before getting fouled up.
  7. LLigetfa

    LLigetfa DIYer, not in the trades

    Feb 6, 2011
    NW Ontario, Canada
    jec419 started this thread over 10 months ago and having a post count of 1, has not likely returned and unlikely to be reading the replies.
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