Well water cloudy after heavy rain

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  1. Babsbag

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    Nov 29, 2018
    N. California
    I have a 10 year old well that is about 300' deep, pump is at ~270'. Well casing is PVC and is about 18" above ground. The water is normally clear with no taste or odor. This problem after heavy rains started fall of 2017, never a problem before that. We also had our pump replaced in the summer of 2017, not sure if there could be a correlation. Well casing was sealed with Bentonite clay about 5 years ago when it was discovered that the previous seal had gaps in it, but even then we never had cloudy water. Other than the seal failing what are other possible causes of a well that deep getting infiltrated with ground water?
  2. valveman

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    Mar 15, 2006
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    Lubbock, Texas
    Rain water is getting into the well somehow. If the well seal/bentonite is holding, then you could have a gopher hole or some other way rain water can get past the casing seal. Not good though. Rain water carries dog poo, fertilizer, pesticides, and everything else into your drinking water.
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  4. Reach4

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    Sep 25, 2013
    I am just speculating, not based on experience. Suppose as a test you put a fairly big plastic drop cloth or tarp around your casing. Use tape to elevate the plastic on the casing. The purpose would be to prevent waste from pooling at the casing. See if the cloudiness symptom goes away. If it does, the seal near the casing is not working. If not, the path around the seal would presumably be out from the casing a bit.
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