Well seal and air in water **HELP**

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    Oct 11, 2011
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    I have a few questions that I cannot find any answers to at all. I bought our house about 3 years ago and noticed air in the water. Not just a little, but when you turn the kitchen sink on, water just blows up in your face mixed with alot of air. It has been very aggravating and we have had 3 plumbers come out and have not done anything. They will not even return our calls.

    The latest problem is now when the water gets used in our house, I have walked out to the well (because water pressure is low) and noticed the well seal is flowing out with water and onto the ground. I dont notice any leaks on the pvc pipes that come out of the well, but just see the water coming out of the well seal.

    I also noticed that if I turn the breaker off to the well pump and reset it, the water pressure in our house gets alot better. Can anyone please tell me whats going on? Do I have a hole in my pipes somewhere? Do I need to replace the well seal? We love our home but since we bought it, we have had nothing but problems with our well water. The air is so bad that you can stand outside in the yard and hear the air in the pipes so bad that it sounds like someone is shooting a bb gun. Make sense?

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    Judging by the LB, you have a submersible and the purpose of the well seal is to keep surface water from contaminating the well. The fact that it appears to be flowing out of the well means your well is either artesian or you have a leak in the pipe right at the seal. If you turn off the pump, does water stop coming out the well cap?

    My guess is that the system either has a bleeder/snifter/checkvalve to air charge the tank or a micronizer and that the air volume control on the tank doesn't work.

    I think you first problem is that you are calling in plumbers. What you need is a pump man, not a plumber.
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