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    A little about your moderator. I am legally blind; So please be patient if I have a typo, or miss something you wrote. Thanks.

    Now about my Hydroponic experience. I am a South Carolina Certified Grower. Here at the farm we grow Habanero peppers for Whole Foods, Burpless seedless cucumbers for pickles and relish, and a variety of heirloom Tomatoes, since 2005. I am self taught for the most part, but in the beginning I had guidance from a local professional hydroponics farmer, and A multinational "State" field rep from South Africa; Who mentored me for the 1st year, and helped me design my own nutrient blends. All this was very helpful to me as; 1. It allowed me to learn corporate "Crop King" style greenhouse methods, and; 2. By learning 3rd World methods form areas in South Africa, and Kenya; I learned a more rustic and natural way of using hydroponics.

    "Corporate" system methods are by the numbers, and almost always automated. 3rd World methods are often without powered mechanical components, using gravity feed to waste applications. However, Some higher end farms do operate with a 1" in 8' drain through grow beds to reservoir recirculating system, pumping the run off, back to the top.

    I am more into the 3rd world methods, combined at times with some Dutch methods, commonly used in "Corporate" style greenhouses, but without all the expensive computer equipment. because it is more sensible and cost efficient for the average hobbyist or homeowner attempting to grow more healthy food for the family table. I will also cover home made DIY type hydroponic projects for beginners, or those with a curiosity into the magic of Hydroponics.

    Thanks for reading. I would appreciate you posting in a Q & A style, posting your questions or comments in the title. Please always post appropriately. Peace :cool:
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