Water softener recommendations - Fleck 5600 sxt or Fleck 5800 sxt system or another brand?

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Glen Carbon, IL
Using water softener recommendations in this forum, I am evaluating a Fleck 5600 SXT or 5800 SXT 48,000 grain with 10% crosslinked resin.

I have city water and our daily water usage averages 270 gallons (we have a electronic water meter that provides this information). Hardness level is 16 gpg.

Can anyone recommend a good internet source or distributor in the St. Louis, MO area for a decent system? Also was thinking of a carbon filter system since the chlorine smell is so bad after our village's change to a new water system "Illinois American Water". I have a retired plumber that is willing to do the install for me.

The water softener industry is very confusing to me. Based on my hardness and usage I figure 1.5 cu feet of resin is necessary which is where I calculate the 48k grain.


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If you soften 270 gallons per day, 1.5 cubic ft is OK, but on the edge. I would increase to 2 cuft.

270 gallons per day would be expected for 4 or 5 people. If some of your usage is not softened, such as yard and lawn, then 1.5 cuft may be just fine.

Regarding 5600sxt or 5800sxt, I don't know. The 5600sxt has a lot of reliable history. I would tend toward that, but there may be somebody with some experiences with 5800sxt. You could also consider the Fleck 2510SXT if you have 1 inch plumbing.
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