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Hello, we are looking for a reputable water softener dealer near Portland, OR or for purchase online. We are on a well and our water is just slightly hard at 4 gpg. We have scale on our glass shower and fixtures. We also have a lot of clay sludge that stains our toilets and sinks that we plan to get a sediment filter for. We have no iron in our water and pH is 7.4. The water tastes great and has no smell. I had been looking at the upflow systems but after looking at this forum am thinking maybe the fleck is a better option. It will be going in our basement where we have no drain so the drain line will have to run ~20+ feet and be elevated at least 6 feet off the floor if not more. Any thoughts or recommendations? I found a decent price on a 5600 SXT on discount water softeners but it sounds like their reputation is a little iffy. I reached out to the only local company found on the pentair website and haven't heard back. Was also considering northstar as that was recommended by our plumber but most models aren't available at our local supplier. The only model they have is the softener/filter cabinet duo. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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