Water running after sprinklers shut off

Discussion in 'Irrigation / Sprinkler Forum' started by Rick G, Sep 8, 2021.

  1. Rick G

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    Sep 8, 2021
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    After my sprinklers have run, I hear water still running at the main - like they are still on. I narrowed it down to one zone and turned off the water valve on the line before it goes to the sprinkler valves. This shuts down the noise. Does this mean water is running through the sprinkler valve even after it shuts off (when the water valve is on)???

    Also, there are 3 pipes for this zone - 2 have sprinkler valves and one does not. Is there a reason they wouldn't have put a valve on the 3rd pipe ?

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    The one without a valve is for another spigot somewhere in your yard or the valve is at another location. At the controller if three zones are programmed for three zones, follow the wire.

    Zone valves work on with a neoprene diaphragm and over time they get hard. Also, debris can get into the works. The looks like they need to be rebuilt if a kit is available. Recently there was another post with a similar valve. www.sprinklerwarehuse.com may have a kit.
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