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    Oct 18, 2008

    New here so be patient lol

    I just moved into a older home that has water radiator heating, we just started the furnace up for the winter season, and the technican said the system is working well, the furnance is about 50 years old.

    We are getting great heat but there are alot of noises from the rads/ pipes, i did ask the heating company and they said i must turn the faucet handles located in the rad housings to release air, some rads do not have a handle and the others won't budge ?

    Any advise, is the system under pressure when running ? is that why handles arent budging ?

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    The air vents should be either coin (flat head screwdriver) or wheel.
    They should be located at the top or top side of the rads.
    You need the system to be running to release the trapped air.

    The valves with handles located at the bottom of the rads are for controlling the water going to the rad or controlling the temperature (thermostatic rad valves) these will have numbers on it.

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