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    Nov 26, 2005
    I'm looking to replace a 40 gal gas AO Smith water heater. Although we are fairly modest water users (3 showers almost never used at once) I like to take an occasional soak in our large whirpool tub. That requires that I bleed the hot water into the tub slowly, usually over 3/4 hour.

    Been looking at the 50 gallon Bradford White 50 gallon High Recovery 65K BTU heater w/single anode and 2" insulation. Assuming our usage patterns stay the same, will this big burner make any difference on our gas bill, or is BTUs out equal BTUs in, regardless of burner size?

    I only wish this unit came with dual anodes- I'd like to have it all- longevity, recovery, efficiency, price- what are the compromises that need to be made?.

    Any and all comments, recommendations, alternative thinking would be appreciated.
    i.e.- are the GE/Rheem units at Home Depot worth considering, etc.

    Thanx in advance.
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    you cant have it all

    you might be able to if everything falls into place

    you got ot have a 4 inch chimmney for the 65 btu water heater

    I dont honestly know if they even come with 2 anode rods...

    the ones we install only have one that is tied onto the hot line
    on the bottome of the dialectric nipple......

    just buy the 10 year upgrade for about 100 bucks...

    the 65 000btu will almost act like a 75 gallon unit and
    costs just a little less...... so if you go the room, you might
    want to consider the 75 gallon...

    a common 50 gallon gas will usually do the
    job pretty well too.....for a smaller whirlpool
    as far as economy goes ,

    if you want hot water and bubbles shooting up your
    behind ------

    you always got to pay just a little more for that.....
    over a 40 gallon heater. ........

    consider it a luxury tax....LOL

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