Water Chemistry?

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    Hello to all,
    First of all, to understand my set-up, the softener is set up BEFORE the cistern tank - which I prefer to keep it this way.

    I'm trying to determine how I can eliminate manganese that is reacting with oxygen, and precipitating inside a indoor cistern tank. It already flows through my softener with (Ionac-c-249ns) Iron Exchange Resin. It's 1 year old, and set with 10 lbs salt, and regenerates after 60gals. Hardness <12grains, Copper<2.06mg/l, PH<7.34, No Iron, but has Manganese <0.236mg/l limit is 0.05.

    My main question is:
    If softened water is exposed to the atmosphere (in the Cistern) for a long enough time till used… will any media, such as Birm ever work, without using water like a point-of-entry System? (My thought is that once equilibrium is changed from softened water, back into stagnant water… that the reaction and precipitation will resume). But maybe it doesn't matter how many filters one might have, I just may be defeating the purpose, as water is reintroduced with the oxygen. Am I correct on this way of thinking? Perhaps it needs to be exchanged with Nitrogen? Would it be more beneficial if I set it up a compressed gas cylinder, with a regulator pumping nitrogen into tank low p.s.i.?Can you be as specific as you can,Thank to all the reply!!!!!
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