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Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by Tonkadad, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Tonkadad

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    Apr 19, 2007
    Can someone give me some info on how to install a wall mount urinal? I have never messed with one before. Thanks.
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    dont ....they are a pain in the ass

    putting the hangers up and putting backing in the wall is
    the easy part of the job...

    installling the sloan valve to the right specs can get a little interseting.too....

    the worst p[roblem I have had with them is to get the drain right.....

    if you use a normal 2 inch tee in a normal 4 inch wall you are screwed
    because it will push the drain line way too far out and then you cant
    keep the urinal flush with the wall

    if you hold the pipe back as far as possible and install a
    2 inch cleanout type tee....on center where the drain is supposed
    to go you will give yourself about an extra inch or two to play with....
    which is usually desperately needed with about every urinal I have
    fought with...

    even if you have a 6 inch wall to work with I would still hold
    that drain back as far as possible and use thecleanout type
    tee and then you have plenty of room for whatever type brass
    flange and nipple size you will need...

    its always best to come up from below on center with your drain
    rather than to have an arm in the line... because the arm or horizontal
    branch will always stop up
    and most likely get in the way of the backing

    if any of this makes sense .... great...

    have fun...

    its a wonderful experience. ....especially with a used one.....
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