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    I have started to completely remodel my 75 year old bath. i have installed all of the plumbing myself. my question is about the shower system i have installed. it is a high flow system made by BRIZO. it has a temperature mixing valve, shower head, three body sprays, hand shower, and three flow valves. it is all plumbed with 3/4 copper pipe. one flow valve controls the shower head, one flow valve for the hand shower, and the last flow valve is for the three body sprays with are on a proper pressure balanced loop. i installed new 3/4 feeds to this shower from the basement. the cold feed is tied directly to the 3/4 feed from the street. the hot feed is tied into the existing hot water heater. THIS is where i have the problem. this house has a 75 year old steam boiler with a 30 gal. hot water reservoir. it has worked very well up to now. we have had two showers running at the same time in the past and have never run out of hot water. this current set up however will never be able to handle the new high flow shower. its not so much that i`m worried about running out of hot water because i don't think we would be running all three things in that new shower all at once. although i`m sure if i put those body spays on with the shower head running at the same time i would have a cold shower in a mater of minutes. MY MAIN CONCERN is pressure. after the installation i preformed a pressure test on all the new 3/4 copper pipe to check for leaks. during this test i noticed that the cold water comes out like a fire hydrant but the hot water pressure is minimal at best. in order for the temperature mixing valve to work properly the hot and cold pressure must be equal or at least close to the same. THE REASON I HAVE this problem is because all of the plumbing in this house is 1/2 inch. including the feed to the boiler and the hot water reservoir tank. naturally the flow from the 3/4 fed 3/4 cold, is far greater than the flow from the 1/2 inch fed to 3/4 hot line. my plan is to install an instant hot water tank less system or a separate hot water tank for this shower. i can then feed either one of these with the 3/4 line from the street and keep it independent of the rest of the House. MY QUESTION IS THIS will this work? will this then create equal pressure in both the hot and the cold going to that shower?
    in other words it seems to me i need to get the hot feed off the 1/2 inch junk that its on now and put it on its own 3/4 fed hot water supply.
    ALSO WITCH ONE SHOULD I GO WITH? the new electric hot water tank ( maybe 40 gal size) or the electric tank less instant hot-water thing. i have read a lot of negative things about. with one would you go for.
    thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks in advance for any advise you can give me.
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