Walk in shower with plywood walls

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    Oct 30, 2013
    I have remodeled the master bathroom to a curbless shower by lowering the shower floor and raising the the part of the floor, I will use a linear drain and I guess the PVC liner and then sloping the mud to it. I would very much like to waterproof the plywood walls but redgard is out as the manufacturer says it will not work on plywood so then how do I seal the ply, BTW I used the plywood so I could place grab bars anywhere and not worry about studs. Finally I would like to install a backerboard or hardie.

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    If you properly waterproof the backerboard as you should, the plywood will never get wet.
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    With what you're starting with, I think you really want a surface applied membrane. Those have some specific backer boards they are designed to be applied to, and plywood isn't one of them, but you can attach them to your plywood. Basic shower construction requires the liner to be sloped to the drain. In a surface applied membrane, the membrane is the liner AND the setting surface for the tile. Done right, the plywood is in a dry area - the shower moisture should not affect it at all. Done wrong, you'll have a big problem.

    FWIW, www.wingits.com are designed for where you do not have solid blocking to attach safety bars. Installed properly, they are ADA rated. I've used them to retrofit safety bars to a couple of bathrooms, and found that they work really well. Really solid. I've used both their commercial SS version and the residential plastic version (both meet ADA requirements). Their hole pattern is compatible with many brands' bars, but check first so you aren't surprised. They also sell their own brand in various styles.

    There are various surface applied waterproofing membranes, but I've the most experience with Kerdi from www.schluter.com. If you go to that website, you can watch a video on how it's done. You may also want to check out www.johnbridge.com/forums where you'll get multiple viewpoints from various pros.
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