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    Jul 12, 2018
    I have two Sterling Vikrell tub/shower enclosures that were installed in 2000 (new build). I don't know the model name but I assume they're similar to current models. I understand they have drain channels and are not supposed to be caulked, except at the outer corners. See this video, around 4:24.

    I don't think the original installers caulked there. We have had water leak out from the crevice. We should have dealt with it long ago, but finally we're having some restoration work done. The contractor isn't familiar with this type of enclosure, and I'm concerned they will caulk too much and/or in the wrong places, possibly plugging the channels or sending water behind the wall where we can't see it.

    (Also in general, there's quite a bit of mildew that needs to be cleaned in the crevice, but I believe it's still supposed to be left uncaulked.)

    Is there any way to get close to the original caulking specifications, without taking the whole thing apart? The front edge is easy enough to get to, but the inner part (measured as 4" in the video) is not.

    Thanks for any ideas.
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