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Hello everyone. Newbie here. Need help. Issue has been going on so long I forgot most of it, but I’ll skip to the ending. Turning fixtures on and the whole house vibrates, I mean violently the copper pipes slamming. Not always and that’s part of the problem. If I turn my water on, or shower, or flush toilet it’s not been doing it lately. But if I turn the bathtub on in the 2nd bath every pipe in house is slamming cold or hot. If I turn on the outside water lines fully open the piping slams, and the spiciest are in a T before the PRV. So here I am now I have the gauge on the cold water laundry line fully open and it reads just above 100#. If I turn the cold water sink line on it drops to 90. If I flush the toilet by itself it drops to 45 if I turn sink & bath on drops to 35. I’ve messed with the PRV but since put it back,I adjusted it cause I put gauge fitting on outside water lines before I noticed they were pipes ahead of the PRV. Anyways I just turned bath on, no noise and dropped to 40, but when I flushed the toilet, the piping is slamming and the gauge is bouncing all over the place 0 to 100 just all over. Help please. Go figure this is one nasty crawl to get to get to the valve. I’m HVAC/R by trade. Thanks


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Sounds like the PRV went bad. Some PRV's have a rebuilt kit avaialble. Is there a back flow preventer anywhere, usually for an irrigation system? Vibrations can be caused by a loose or disintegrating washers in valves, sometimes the toilet fill valve. But since it seems the whole house the only thing common is the PRV.
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