Ventless Pump: 1) Any good? 2) How to terminate?

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  1. bucky

    bucky New Member

    Feb 15, 2011
    First off, my number one priority is to stay within code and have an acceptable setup in the eyes of my local building authority. I will be having a local plumbing company out to check out my situation and offer an estimate, but would like to have some knowledge in advance.

    I'm remodeling my basement and building a bar and would love to put in a little wet bar sink, but installing a gravity drain would be challenging given the location. (The sink would be a great addition, but I'm honestly not willing to break up the floor and spend thousands of dollars for one little sink). I will plead ignorance when it comes to ventless ejector pumps; I know of them but have no direct experience with them. NSPC seems to allow for them. I'm assuming most people tie these types of pumps directly into the waste line at some point, but does anyone know of code requirements or at least guidelines for this? Do they ever get installed so they just drain directly into the laundry tub?

    11.7.9 Individual Fixture Ejector or Pump
    a. Individual fixtures other than water closets, urinals, and similar fixtures, may discharge directly into an
    approved fixture-mounted ejector or pump, or into receptors having ejectors or pumps.
    b. The discharge piping from a sewage ejector or sewage pump for an individual fixture shall be sized on a
    hydraulic basis and include a backwater valve and full-way shutoff valve.
    c. Direct-mounted equipment may be manually or automatically operated.
    d. The installation of manually or automatically operated equipment shall not be subject to the venting
    requirements of this Code, but shall be vented only as required for proper operation of the equipment.
    e. A vent on the fixture side of the trap may terminate locally in the area served.
    f. If the equipment provides a proper water seal, additional traps are not required.

    Thanks for the great information as always.
  2. Tom Sawyer

    Tom Sawyer In the Trades

    Nov 29, 2010
    If it's code compliant in your area I would have no problem installing it especially for a bar sink which is not going to have anything much more than water and left over drinks dumped into it.
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