Vent Plan for Saniflo Basement Bath. Okay?

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Greg Pizzola

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Hi All! Adding a basement bath with Saniflo and need confirmation or suggestions on plan. I added a new dedicated vent by tieing into the main stack well above the highest drain lne. Image attached. The 2inch vent runs through a wall cavity directly to the basement. I tried to dryfit my plan but need more fittings but hope this can give the idea in the images.

Coming off the 2inch vent im using two sanitees and one 45 elbow. The sanitees will vent the shower and sink and the elbow will vent the saniflo.

Not pictured but i will be adding another 4 inch to 3/4 tee to the main stack for the discharge hose and will also be turning the cleanout 45 degrees for easier future access.

There will be another half wall boxing in the saniflow as well. The vents will be secured to the framing as well.

I guess my main questions are really on the type of fittings I should be using (wyes vs tees) and if there are any issues with the vents turning and changing directions with elbow around the framing. And also any other critiques or calloutd based on anything in the images.

I'll update with more progress pictures as I get closer to a full dry fit but was hoping for some feedback in the early stage to avoid future changes.

Thanks in advance!!



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On picture 1, those are the wrong kind of rubber coupling; that style is only for use underground. Look at the Fernco Proflex series or the Misson Rubber Band-Seal series.

As to the rest, I'm not quite clear on your proposed layout. Each fixture needs a vent, either a wet vent or dry vent, and the pump chamber needs a vent. Dry vents can combine at least 6" above the fixture flood rim of the all the fixtures involved; I'm not sure if the pump chamber vent has further limits. For combining dry vents (no drainage involved), you can use basically any fitting you want.

Cheers, Wayne
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