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My tub spout has about a 1/8" to 1/4" gap between the back of it and the tile wall. I unscrewed it today to investigate why, and I think it's just the segment of pipe whoever used to install this is just a bit too long. I've attached a cutaway diagram trying to explain the situation. Basically, they soldered two nipples onto a segment of copper pipe, with one end that screws into the water supply metal pipe (can't tell what it's made of but other than it's metal, house built in 1983 if that helps), and the other end screws on to the spout. The end that screws into the spout will not come lose, it's basically fused to the spout at this point, so the whole pipe assembly came out of the wall when I unscrewed it.

I'm going to be replacing this spout, and I'm wondering, what's the best method to make sure my new spout doesn't do this? Since I'll be tossing this spout, I'm assuming I'll have to replace this segment of pipe somehow, and I don't have the tools or knowhow for soldering. Could I just replace the pipe that's in there now with a 4" nipple with threads on both ends like this one (https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-1-2-in-x-4-in-MIP-Brass-Nipple-Fitting-802349/207176300) coming out of the wall? Would I then have to use a 4" screw on spout? My concern is that the water supply female end is recessed into the wall, so I'm not sure I could screw a new spout onto just a nipple if it's ends up being just too short.

Edit: Or could I just put a 3" nipple into the wall, and then use a slip-on tub spout even though the end sticking out with still be threaded?

Hoping to replace with something like this (https://www.homedepot.com/p/KOHLER-...n-Vibrant-Brushed-Nickel-K-15135-BN/100420880).

Sorry for the newbie questions, I'm not the most handy and new to DIY. Thank you in advance for any advice.
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You may be able to make another turn to bring the back of the spout up tighter to the wall. If that doesn't work, you could unsolder the fitting and move it to shorten the overall length, or, you could pick another type of spout mounting. Depending on how much of the stub sticks out of the wall, if it's long enough, you could cut off the existing spout and use a push-on spout that relies on O-rings to seal, and a setscrew to hold it in place...

If you have access to the back of that wall, you may be able to move the blocking to recess it slightly.
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