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  1. FJK

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    Jun 15, 2005
    I'm replacing my old Kohler Villager tub with a new Villager tub. I will be using some designer color fittings, oil rubbed bronze or wrought iron, for the drain & over flow. Currently, the old piping for the drain & overflow is still in-place & made out of brass. Here are the questions:
    1) What type of drain is perfered? trip lever or popup
    2) Does the existing piping need to be replaced? It lookes to be in good shape
    3) Where can I get the overflow & drain decroative fittings without buying a complete drain kit?
    4) If I have to buy the complete drain kit to get the dcorative pieces, is Moen or Kohler prefered?
    5) What is the durability of these designer finishes when compared to chrome?

    Thanks for the help, FJK
  2. construct30

    construct30 New Member

    Jun 16, 2007
    NorthWest PA
    I like the toe trip or lift and turn drains best, then the cable popup, then the traditional overflow trip lever. The lift and turn have less issues because what you see is what you use.

    Replace all the drain assembly, if that is what you are talking about as far as drain. You need to be sure all the parts are from the same manufacturer, some are not interchangable.

    I like chrome in everything, holds up well easier to clean, easy to match.

    I like the pvc parts instead of brass for the parts you don't see for assembly.

    Buy wharever brand is popular incase you ever need replacement parts, keep the parts lists for everything you use when it comes to plumbing.
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  4. Herk

    Herk Plumber

    Oct 28, 2007
    S.E. Idaho
    Kohler makes some really chintzy stuff that's hard to repair and often fails. I really dislike their thin brass tubular with an o-ring in the riser tube.

    As to pop-up or plunger type - it's a toss-up. The heavy pop ups are usually something you can tinker with. The worst factor of the one with the brass bucket is that the interior of the works can get corroded and it's impossible to get the brass bucket sliding again.

    As the previous poster mentioned, pull-ups are very common and relatively durable, but you have to reach down into the tub to pull it. That can be difficult for old people.

    Finish quality depends on manufacturer.

    There are a lot of kits to replace existing parts at the box stores.

    There is also a nifty circular flip drain that has an o-ring around a flat piece that simply flips to drain the tub. And then there's the toe-touch. Those come in varying quality, too.
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