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    Mar 26, 2010
    I'm in the process of planning a remodel of our bathroom. We currently have only a shower in a fairly small space, but are considering moving a partition wall and claiming a few feet from the adjacent large walk-in closet.

    Two questions:

    First, we're faced with total room width of approx 7.5'. I'd like to put in a shower and a bath. Shower would be a neo-angle in one corner and the bath would run on the wall opposite (platform would serve as kneewall for one shower panel). I've been looking at options, and although a standard 32is width tub on a platform would work, it would be better for us to have a tub that tapers to give us more room between the shower enclosure and the tub. Traditional equilateral corner tubs won't work because of the available space on the 7.5" wall. I've seen pictures of tubs that look like they have one side that tapers in slighly starting about half way down the tub - I've attached a picture I found on the web.

    Bath example..jpg

    Does anyone know who makes tubs like these?

    Second, does anyone have any experience with Linea Aqua shower enclosures? The glass seems to be decent weight (3/8") with acrylic bases.

    Appreciate any thoughts on the two questions. Let me know if there are any threads that I should take a look at.

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    Sep 2, 2004
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    I prefer a tiled shower. FOr inspiration and help, check out www.johnbridge.com and www.schluter.com. Keep in mind the minimum shower needs to be at least 900sq inches, and that's not a very pleasant sized shower except for smaller children. I haven't looked for a tub in awhile, so no help there.
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