Trouble installing sink

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    I'm trying to install a Kraus KVC 150 sink and a Grohe faucet. See photos below. I'm confused a about several things.

    The directions, included below say to cut a 5" hole in the new countertop. How is the sink attached to the counter. Only by the drain? Do I drill a hole for the supply line or does it go through the 5" hole? Why is there a hole on the back vertical wall? Why do the direction recommend the sink be offset from the wall?





    The thread of the faucet are different from the supply. Home Depot sold me an adepter, but the faucet supply lines are not long enough. What part should I get?


    The drain tube is not long enough. What part extends it to the trap area?
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  2. hj

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    They recommend offsetting it from the wall so the faucet will fit behind it. Apparently whoever wrote the instructions did not look at the sink to see that it had a faucet mount hole on the rim The hole on the back surface is the overflow opening. If you look at the side view it shows a sink without the back ledge and the faucet mounted on the countertop behind the sink. You glue the sink down. That fitting should NOT connect to your valve without leaking, the two threads are incompatible.
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  4. Terry

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    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington
    The faucet supplies are 3/8" compression.

    I'm not sure what your wall stops are, but normally I would pick up whatever fits those, with two choices.

    Wall stop thread (normally 3/8" comp, by 1/2" and a 3/8" comp by 1/2 MIP fitting to connect them.
    Delta supply, This is a 3/8" comp female by 3/8" comp male

    Extending a drain down, either a longer threaded 1-1/4" tail piece
    or an extension using slip joint nut and washer.
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