Trouble brewing on waste line?

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I had the chance to look up the wall at a galvanized vent which drops down to the first floor.
I was surprised when I cut it on the first floor that some rust dropped out. It must have been from farther up the line as normally the steel is pristine in the vent pipes. I didn't see rust near where I cut.

What you see in the picture is the horizontal run of a cast line which receives the closet bend, the bathtub and the sink waste from the second floor bath. The galvanized vent in question runs beneath and then I assume makes a turn upwards once it clears the cast iron.

Look at those rust spots on the galvanized vent. They shouldn't be there.
Is it possible that seals on the waste line above are dripping and hitting the vent below? Does this look like impending failure? Is it possible that the vent is actually rusted through entirely above that spot and this is the source of the falling rust found inside of the vent?


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Thats really hard to say.. It looks like a drip onto the steel vent pipe. The cast hub lines up with that perfectly. The other spot also has classic white drip marks..

Maybe thats not even rust you're seeing, but some other gunk that dripped down from the cast iron?
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