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Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by craigskier, May 16, 2006.

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    May 16, 2006
    I have a child that is autistic and one of the repeated behavours is flushing large amounts of toilet paper or tissues down the toilet. We have even removed all the paper product from the room, but she will seek tissues out from other rooms and flush them. This has cause several overflows. I replaced the old gerber (1978) wih the AS Champion with the 2 3/8" trap. This has help a little but 50 tissues will still clog, but at least it does not overflow since little water goes into the bowl on this model. Only problem is it will still clog and since the Champion has a poor bowl clean system the wife is not happy with how much more cleaning this thing needs. I was looking at the Caroma with the 4' trap. Does a large trap really help things from cloging or is it the shape of the trape line (ie less tight of a turn)? And does the Caroma clean the bowl. The other one I was looking at is the St Thomas (2.5 trap and Quattro system) since Home Depot has offered to let me exchange the AS Champion for one from St Thomas. Is I go with the Caroma I am out the money I spent on the Champion.
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    craig, sorry not a plumbing repsonse but I have seen some of those kids safety items from one of the big box stores that was pretty much a glorified kid proof clamp for the toilet seat to help just what you are talking about. i had a friend whose child loved to flush a plethora of objects (including a small remote for his stereo) and he got that and solved his problems. The issue of course is then you have to put up with taking the clamp off before you go and you have to do the same for your child. As long as he/she is good at telling you when they have to go it is not a problem. After his remote got flushed my friend figured it was worth the annoyance.
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    Nov 12, 2005
    It is both, I realy like the Caromas and you can get then Tasman 270 for less $$$ because it has a plastic tank. It does have a smaller water spot but that may help keep some of it (paper)dry and that way you can just pull some of it out B4 flushing. A 4" trapway has to help with limiting the clogs but no toilet is clog proof.

    The smaller water spot could leave some staining based on the amount of fecal matter that is being flushed, but that is for a toilet brush.

    As far as the St. Thomas goes I don't know what to tell you as far as performance. Did you lookat the Map tests on Terrys toilet performance ratings? Click here to check it out

    The 1 thing I can tell you about the Caromas is 3 years ago I placed 7 in the church I attend and no one has ever told me of any clogs with them. We have about 5-600 people every sunday and there is no plunger in the mens or ladys room. B4 I installed them we were plunging 2-3 times every sunday.

    Since HD is willing to do an exchange why don't you try that first so you won't be out any $$$. You can always try the Caroma as a last chance.

    The Caroma Sydney comfort height round 270 bowl
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    What size pipe do you have in the floor. If the toilet has a 4" trap, and the pipe is 3" you will still have the potential for a stoppage.
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