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Thought I’d start a new thread to make it easier to find if someone is searching for advice repairing a Toto Washlet.

Phone number for Toto service is (888) 295-8134 ex 4. I called them about my s350e that would no long raise the seat. Just a clicking sound, obviously something was broken inside. They assigned me a service number and said they would send out a prepaid box to ship it back to Ontario, California where their service center is that repairs Washlets. Box arrived via UPS a few days later with instructions on how to disconnect and drain unit. Box also contained plenty of bubble wrap to pack Washlet with. Also a prepaid UPS shipping label. For out of warranty repairs there is a flat fee rate of $175 for Washlet and $450 for Neorest G/400/500.

I sent my Washlet in the next day. A few days later they emailed me after checking my unit out and it was repairable and would be $175. Toto recommended PayPal as fastest way, which is what I used. The tech I talked on phone before sending it back said the service did not include servicing remote control since I asked because mine had a few buttons no longer working. Since I was going to try to have my AmEx cover repairs I called back and ask if I could include the remote to get a written estimate from them. They said yes and would also fill out AmEx repair form.

There were a few back and forth emails between me and Toto since I inadvertently included both my remotes in the box and didn’t want my good remote to be lost. Toto said they'd look for it when it arrived and made a note about it in my file. Just adding this since, I have received my Washlet back with my good remote and the Eneloop batteries that were in it. Impressed with Toto.

But what really impressed me is the invoice they sent me...


They included a new carbon filter ($27 ) and a new remote ($140 ), plus other parts for free! Shipped it back via FedEx for free.

I really think they did an excellent job start to finish and it makes me glad I spent the extra money for their product.

One other thing. I did research possibly repairing it myself. I found a few posts with a photo of what inside looks like online where a guy had taken his Washlet apart but the part needed isn’t available to fix the broken lifting mechanism. He ended up sending his back to Toto and basically had the same experience as I did.

From first contact with Toto until receiving my repaired Washlet was two weeks.

Hope this helps someone in the future.

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Koa, thank you so much for your thorough reply. Our 4 year old S300e washlet stopped spraying and nothing in our manual helped fix the problem. I didn't know what to do. I stumbled onto your very helpful reply. I called the number, pressed #4 option, and found Lerone who made the process --- just as you described in price and service -- so easy. I'm expecting my shipping box in a few days and we'll start the rest of the journey towards repair. It is well over a year since you sent your post, but I wanted you to know that you made a difference. Thank you!
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