Toto Soft Close Repair?

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    Thanks for the head up. To be honest, I have not taken apart the several SS114 seats that need to be repaired. When I get around to it, will put up pics. From my limited research I have here, it seems the older seats were made in USA for TOTO by Centoco, so it's possible the mechanism are also made by the same company?
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    I just fixed a soft-close SS114 (or very similar model) seat yesterday, but I forgot to take pictures. It was pretty old it seems, maybe at least 20-30 years. The mechanism and procedure
    described in post #4 is accurate, as far as it goes. The mechanism seems to be identical to that in a new SS114 I just bought last week.
    It's really quite simple, but it involves bending little prongs/tabs of plastic and doing so without breaking them is quite challenging, as was the whole
    trick of pulling out the metal hinge shafts from the left and right hinges. The tool I succeeded with there was a long curved locking hemostat.

    Then removing the damper assemblies requires bending another little
    plastic lock tab. The assemblies are identical, but will only fit back in the seat one way. For some reason, I found I had to have the hinge/seat/cover in
    the full-open position to get things back together. Only one of the damper assemblies was defective, and it was obvious it was missing most of the
    original damping fluid. I used a little tube of Permatex Dielectric Tune-up Grease (available at most auto parts stores, I would imagine) to top up the
    two fluid chambers in the assembly. It's a silicone grease a little bit thicker than what I found already in the damper channels.

    The repaired seat has been working fine so far. FYI, the 2 little clear soft plastic pads that go between the seat and the bowl will discolor and
    absorb un-removable "toilet odors" over time. I would recommend replacing those if possible. I've only seen them available as part of
    a Toto toilet installation kit.
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    $4 at Wallyworld for 3 oz. ( 5" tube" )
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    We have an SS114 seat & lid that is ~10 yrs old. The seat closed softly, but the lid recently started slamming down, and then the seat started to come loose (this is a separate issue - basically the rubber in the Top Mounting Seat Hardware THU651N seems to have failed).


    I called Toto, they told me it can't be fixed, but after reading all these comments I decided to take it apart. The seat and lid were in good shape, the cartridges looked decent, it just seemed like it needed new bolts/nuts to attach to the bowl. And I figured if we can keep another big piece of plastic out of the landfill, that's always good.

    When I took it apart, I found both cartridges had leaked some grease but they both still had some clear grease left in them. I noticed that the cartridges had little cracks in them and the o rings weren't in perfect shape either - I assume that is how the grease was leaking out. So it seemed like without new cartridges anything I do will be a short term solution since it will leak out again. Note: Both cartridges seem to say 11X14E034B on them, but that doesn't turn up any search results.

    I tried to find the Permatex @kreemoweet mentioned, but no luck at a local auto parts store, so I looked around the house for something a little thicker that could provide some friction, but not seep out easily like a liquid. I found TheraPutty - basically silly putty but made for physical therapy. When TheraPutty is left alone for a few min it forms to the shape of the container, it doesn't seem to get hard or dry out, and it doesn't seem to ever get liquid enough to seep out of the cracks. Wikipedia says silly putty is "a viscoelastic liquid silicone, a type of non-Newtonian fluid, which makes it act as a viscous liquid over a long time period but as an elastic solid over a short time period" - I figured it's thicker than the vaseline-like substance that was in there, so I didn't fill either cartridge fully, I put it all back together and voila! It opens and closes slower than it did before, but I figure that will loosen up over time. And no more slamming! We shall see how long it lasts, but wanted to say thank you for all the info, and maybe the silly putty trick will work for someone else - until Toto makes new cartridges available in the US!

    As @Brendoni mentioned - I do see TCH918R and similar cartridges being sold in Japan, so Toto could choose to sell these.

    Photos of various parts here:




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