Toto Neorest MS950CG Front Mounting Block

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    Jan 9, 2009
    Hey guys. I just picked up an older model Neorest 500 ms950cg. I'm getting ready to install it and wanted to get some opinions. I have radiant coils under tile and I think my coils run around where the front mounting block of the Neorest would go. I'm looking at the geometry of this toilet, and I'm wondering is the front block is really necessary. The base is so far forward, that I can't imagine there being much danger of the toilet pivoting off. Plus, I plan on using silicone sealant all the way around to secure the toilet to the floor. If I *really* need to use the block, I can try to use some shallow anchors and screws, but I'm tempted to skip the front block and just glue the plastic cover over the screw hole in front. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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