Toto Model Ordering Confusion

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Morning, plumbing experts and aficionados!

My wife and I are remodeling our guest bathrooms and have decided to replace the builder-grade toilets that came with the house. We are looking for toilets with the following features: standard height, two-piece, 1.6 gallon flush, elongated, CEFIONTECT, and a 12" rough-in.

Based on those features, I believe that the Toto CST776CSG#01 is likely the model that we need. However, when we went to our local dealer, they said the proper way to order was to get the bowls and tanks separately. They said we needed the C776CEG#01 for the bowl and the ST776SA#01 for the tank. After getting home and doing a bit of googling, I couldn't figure out whether the bowl was rated for 1.28 gallons or 1.6 gallons (or if that even mattered). I've seen that models with "E" in them tend to be 1.28 GPF but I'm not sure if that is just coincidence.

So, I'm curious for my own knowledge - is the GPF rating based on the the bowl or the tank? Or, is it based on the two in combination?

But, more importantly, I would like to know if the dealer's recommended part numbers are the way to obtain our desired specs. I would also like to know whether one of the boxes would include all of the parts to connect them (bolts, washers, gaskets, etc.) if we are buying them separately.

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!


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The bowls are designed to work with 1.28 and then you have the option of using the two different tanks, the 1.28 or the 1.60
He has the part numbers right.
The box for the tank has the closet bolts caps and the parts for the tank.
Installation parts, wax, supply line and closet bolt set will need to be added to the list.
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