Tornado in Seattle?!

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    Their have always been people like this , hundreds of years ago in Europe,
    they used to pack them on ships and send them to the next port or country
    and it would be their problem.....
    The port master would stop all ships and then come
    on board to see what kind of people were on board and if he thought they were too
    crazy to allow them to dis-embark,,, he would send the whole ship on their way.... and
    maybe they would load a few more nuts on board...

    That is where the term "a ship of fools"" came from....

    Australia was colonized by prisoners and the dregs of England---they would load them up and send them off to fend for themselves .......

    These days, there is something called "bus ticket therapy " where someone in New York is doped up enough
    to go on a bus trip to LA... and given medication and money for a few days.....
    You basically dump your addicts and morons on the other end of the country......

    Kick them out of your back yard and sent off 2000 miles seems
    to be the only humane answer....:D:D

    So, nothing has really changed, we have just run out of room
    and places to send them to..... thats why I thought of some sort
    of camp in the nevada desert...
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